Study in Australia

Study in Australia

SKS Enterprises , we are a trusted brand for overseas (abroad) education and we represent officially in colleges from Australia and ensure 100% satisfaction.

Why Study In Australia

Australia has eight of top 100 universities to study in Australia, thus you can accomplish your aspirations of higher education. Australia offers quality educational opportunities and our Australia student visa consultants in Jalandhar will ensure you gain experience with post work study.

Requirements to Study in Australia

The requirements to study in Australia will be taken care of by our Australia immigration consultants in Jalandhar. We will help you in completing the processes of getting visa, a valid passport, electronic confirmation of enrolment, IELTS result, statement of purpose, documents of academic and work experience, financial ability evidence such as tuition and living expenses, return airfare and expenses for dependents. Undergo a medical examination.

Living in Australia

The living expenses are low in Australia in comparison to the UK and the US, yet the living standard is high than other competitive nations. Scholarships are available to reduce the studying cost in the colleges in Australia.

Courses in Australia

There are a variety of degrees and courses that international students can easily choose their choice of courses in premier institutes, colleges, universities or vocational education. The courses are:

  • Bachelor degree
  • Masters degree
  • Doctoral degree
  • Non- award study abroad program
  • Non-award exchange university student program

About Colleges in Australia

Australia has a strong economy with 30 universities in the World University Rankings and student-friendly post-study workRighs. The study in Australia cost is supported by scholarships.

Work Opportunity in Australia

International students can work 40 hours each fortnight. This allows them earning money and gaining experience, besides meeting various people. Even scholarship opportunities can be obtained.

University /Institute List in Australia